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Exploring the digestive health market whitespace, consumer needs – video

Video-Exploring the digestive health market whitespace, consumer needs – video

Digestive health is so much more than just what happens in the gut. Consumers are more aware of not only the microbiome, but the critical connection between digestive wellness and whole-body wellbeing. In fact, the digestive health category continues to grow at more than 8 percent annually across the globe. 

However, it’s not such an open market that just any product has an easy route to success. Understanding how the pandemic has impacted the supply chain—particularly related to the probiotics industry, is a first step. Next, consider the ways in which the consumer market has changed and how formulators have increased challenges around identifying the right ingredients and developing unique offerings. And, of course, don’t forget the regulatory compliance aspect, one that remains tricky across Europe when considering health claims in marketing and on package. 

This Vitafoods Insights video panel discussion brings together thought leaders to share their take on what is impacting the broader digestive health market, as well as the whitespace that lies ahead. 


Prof Iain Brownlee
Associate Professor, Northumbria University

Iain Brownlee, PhD, is an associate professor at Northumbria University. He has worked in gastrointestinal physiology research since 1999, with a subsequent research focus on nutrition. This has included work on dietary fibre, whole grains, seaweeds, and their potential impacts on human health. He has collaborated with pharmaceutical, food and biotechnology industry partners throughout his career, has acted as co-investigator and investigator for more than €1.5 million worth of research, and has over 50 peer-reviewed publications.


Sergio Pumarola
Owner, Pumarola Innovation

Sergio Pumarola is a senior consultant in business development and new product development in functional foods and dietary supplements. He has leading-edge expertise on rare sugars, and holds IP in this area. He is focused on innovation linked to digestive health, and has a pharmacy degree with honors in physiology and nutrition. Sergio was also co-founder and general manager of Bioglane, a biocatalysis technology-based company.


Graham Robinson
Research Executive, GIRACT

Graham Robinson in a research executive with GIRACT with a background in biochemistry specialising in market and business intelligence for the ingredients industry.


Kaushik Shankar
Research Director, FirstMR Business Analytics

Kaushik Sharkar is research director at FirstMR Business Analytics, a business partner of GIRACT. Based in India, he leads the branding, production, and client relationships by coordinating multiple teams to offer insights that are synergistic with the global view of GIRACT but tailored to the India market. He has worked previously as a research analyst with Frost & Sullivan.