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Overcoming omega-3 category pain points and increasing compliance with ConCordix Smart Chews [Download]

Consumer compliance or effectiveness — one without the other simply won’t do. Offering supplements that deliver a clinically relevant dose of nutrients in a bioavailable form is essential, but adherence to one’s supplementation regimen is key to achieving health benefits.

The increasing popularity of chewables reflects consumers' desire for a more enjoyable supplementation experience that eliminates the need for swallowing large pills and capsules. While ‘candyceuticals’ succeed in delivering great taste, they often have limitations in active ingredient dosage and poor bioavailability. This oversight fails to address the primary reason consumers take supplements — to achieve health benefits.

ConCordix is a unique emulsification technology designed to deliver nutrients to the body as efficiently as food. This technology is used to create ConCordix Smart Chews, the innovative dosage form that is both effective and embraced by discerning consumers. ConCordix Smart Chews taste great and offer clear advantages over other dosage forms, including:

  • Enhanced bioavailability
  • High potency
  • Unsurpassed stability
  • Sugar-free formulation

In this whitepaper, you will discover the findings from two research studies with ConCordix Smart Chews — one conducted among adults, and one among children and their caregivers —  covering:

  • Omega-3 category attitudes and perceptions, including usage drivers and barriers
  • Consumer opinions on supplement forms and pricing, sources of information used for decision-making, and purchase habits
  • Acceptance test results comparing study participants’ current omega-3 supplement with their first experience taking ConCordix Smart Chews
  • Compliance study results, including compliance rates, purchase intent, experiences over the 4-week study period, and change in perceptions

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Overcoming omega-3 category pain points and increasing compliance with ConCordix Smart Chews [Download]