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Go beyond the ordinary in Cognitive Health with BacoMind™ [Download]

Go beyond the ordinary in Cognitive Health with BacoMind™ – a groundbreaking, clinically proven, and pioneering Bacopa monnieri extract that unleashes the power of 9 bioactive compounds to organically boost memory, focus, learning, and overall brain function across all age groups.

Supported by 5 meticulously conducted trials and GRAS affirmation, BacoMind™ represents a paradigm shift in cognitive enhancement. 

Download the report to learn more about BacoMind™, including:

  • How it is the first and leading branded ingredient of bacopa, offering 9 bioactives as confirmed by HPLC and HPTLC.

  • The transformation of the brain throughout the life stages, and how BacoMind™ supports consumers throughout their journey.

  • Compelling clinical evidence on how BacoMind™ helps improve attention and memory acquisition, visual retention, and verbal memory across all age groups (from young adults to the elderly).

  • How in children, BacoMind™ has been clinically shown to improve 6 out of 7 symptoms of ADHD, namely: restlessness, self-control, attention, learning problems, impulsivity, and psychiatric problems.

  • How the leading branded ingredient is registered as a Drug in ANVISA (Brazil & Ministry of Vietnam), Complimentary Medicine in TGA (Australia), and a Natural Health Product (Health Canada).

  • How BacoMind™ is the first bacopa extract to achieve self-affirmed GRAS status, opening the possibility for incorporating it into functional food and beverage products. 

  • The environmental and ethical practices and initiatives adhered to in the making of BacoMind™, aimed at ensuring production of the leading branded ingredient is good for climate, community, and crop alike.

Sponsored by: 

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Go beyond the ordinary in Cognitive Health with BacoMind™ [Download]