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Cognitive health: From brain health to mental wellness — Video

Video-Cognitive health: From brain health to mental wellness — Video

Exploring how nutraceuticals can support consumers to achieve and maintain optimal cognitive health, including brain health, mental wellness and cognitive functions.

The demand for cognitive, brain and mental health products is high. It continues to increase as younger, and older consumers look to optimise their overall holistic wellbeing, especially in a world post-COVID. Further, the industry is also growing, opening commercial opportunities for brands looking to tap into the cognitive health market and support consumers with better quality sleep, optimised cognitive functions and mental state of wellbeing.

This Vitafoods Insights video panel discussion brings together thought leaders to share their take on the cognitive health industry: market growth, impacts of COVID and the relationship between stress, sleep and cognitive health, the role of nutrition and nutritional products in cognitive neuroscience, and a case study overview from a finished-product brand's decision-making and considerations on formulating new products, and more.



David Foreman
President of The Herbal Pharmacist
David Foreman is a pharmacist, naturopath, author, speaker and media personality known internationally as "The Herbal Pharmacist®". His pharmacy and natural medicine background puts him in an elite class of health experts. David is highly sought for his abilities as a science engineer, connecting the science world with sales and marketing. He graduated from the University of South Carolina, College of Pharmacy and authored hundreds of articles and dozens of books. He is on the editorial advisory board for Nutritional Outlook and the content advisory board for Vitafoods Global. His mission is to educate as many people as possible about the benefits of natural health and healing.


Dr Dilip Ghosh
Director of Nutriconnect
Dr Dilip Ghosh is an international speaker, facilitator and author and is professionally associated with many institutions. He is also currently on the content advisory board for Vitafoods Global. Dilip has published more than 100 papers in peer-reviewed journals and numerous articles in food and nutrition magazines and books. His two books, "Pharmaceutical to Nutraceutical: A Paradigm shift in disease prevention" & "Natural Medicines-Clinical efficacy, Safety and Quality", were published under CRC Press. His most recent books, "Nutraceutical in Brain Health & Beyond" and "Fenugreek: Traditional & Modern medicinal uses", were published by Elsevier/Academic Press & CRC Press.


Andy Mobbs
Chief Product Officer of Intelligentlabs
Andy Mobbs is the Co-Founder of Intelligentlabs, and he set it up with Rus Hughes in 2015. Andy is a physiology geek and believes that the future of health is personalised, where everyone will have health, nutrition and medicine tailored to their needs. Intelligentlabs' vision is to help improve global health by better understanding how diet affects consumers' biology. Their products range from nootropics focusing on cognitive health and performance to formulations that help with neurotransmitter function, neuronal growth and repair, energy production, improved sleep quality, and stress resilience, among others.

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