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Unique value prop powers Nutriburst launch – podcast

Audio-Unique value prop powers Nutriburst launch – podcast

Vegan, sugar-free gummies from Nutriburst allow owner Simran Kanwar to deliver on her desire to help consumers #BurstThroughLife.

Whether it’s attributed to a desire for unique delivery systems, challenges in swallowing, or just general pill fatigue, the gummy vitamin market has been growing incrementally over the past several years. The globally gummy vitamins industry is expected to grow at a CAGR of 6.5% through 2026, topping US$9.3 billion by that year, according to new research from Allied Market Research. However, the report also notes some of the challenges that must be addressed are the high sugar content, use of gelatin, and issues with nutrient load. It’s this combination of factors that drove Simran Kanwar to start Nutriburst, which launched its line of vegan, sugar-free gummy vitamins in 2021. With multiple businesses across the healthcare, wellness, and design industries, Kanwar was well-positioned to tackle the challenge of launching during a pandemic, meeting the needs of consumers seeking to #BurstThroughLife. In this podcast, Kanwar speaks to the path to market, expansion opportunities, and the ability to collaborate with manufacturers to achieve new product success.

Tune in to hear more about:

  • The path to market from ideation to product launch.
  • Lessons learned on collaborating with manufacturers to drive innovation.
  • Overcoming the challenges around nutrient load, bioavailability and more.
  • Plans for continued product expansion and geographic growth.


Guest: Simran Kanwar, owner, Nutriburst

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Podcast transcript:

Vitafoods Insights 00:06
Welcome to the Vitafoods Insights Podcast. Join us as we explore the latest science and innovation, helping the global health and nutrition industry connect, develop, and progress. Today's host is Heather Granato, Vice President of content.

Heather 00:25
The global market for gummy vitamins is expected to top 9.3 billion US dollars by 2026. Consumers of all ages are turning to gummies for the fun, taste and convenience. However, there are challenges with a gummy market as well: high levels of sugar, concerns with nutrient loads and the dearth of vegetarian options, for formulation have been raised across the industry. Fortunately, innovative companies are taking on the challenge, hoping to meet consumers where they are with great tasting products that also deliver on the values side. One such firm is Nutriburst, which was launched in 2021 to offer a range of unique vegan sugar free gummies to the UK market. The tailored product range includes health and vitality multivitamin, energy with vitamin C, healthy muscles and bones with calcium and vitamin D, prenatal health with added folic acid, and hair, skin and nails. The products are gluten free and halaal, made using only natural fruit flavours and delivered in fully recyclable packaging. Nutriburst was founded by Simran Kanwar, part of the renowned Kanwar family, which owns and runs multiple companies including multibillion dollar Apollo Tyres. Simran is a successful entrepreneur involved in several ventures across the spectrum, including healthcare, wellness and design, which are all close to her heart. Simran and I connected to chat through the Nutriburst launch and her desire to help consumers #burstthroughlife. Simran thank you so much for joining me.

Simran 01:58
Thank you so much for having me, Heather.

Heather 02:00
Let's start at the beginning, give me a little bit of background about your path to Nutriburst.

Simran 02:06
I was looking to supplement the nutrition of my family. And no one really likes the idea of having lots and lots of pills. You know, pill fatigue is a thing. Gummy vitamins were a great format. They were full of sugar, and gelatin and everything. So we sort of honed in on this, and you know, we need to get sorted with gummies that are sugar free, and preferably vegan, minus the gelatin. That's how it started.

Heather 02:31
So how long was your path to market from this ideation to your product launch?

Simran 02:37
It took me about two years to build the business and to build a team who was enabled to do the R&D and speak to various manufacturers and get the product ready and good to go.

Heather 02:49
So 2021, what were some of the challenges or even opportunities, I guess, of launching during a pandemic?

Simran 02:58
The traditional channels of sale, were not open. But in a way, we were just starting out. So you know, we were able to carve our path better, perhaps with online retail. We had to find different ways to do our sampling with getting partnerships with companies like Degusta and Tastily, and so they can delight their customers who can then get introduced to us. The challenges really were not so much of a challenge. They were okay. It was reality for us because we started that way.

Heather 03:26
Well, certainly, we saw a lot of interest in nutrition during the pandemic and the move to online. So that positioning quite helpful. So tell me about that foundational value proposition: vegan, sugar free gummies, and why you saw this market need?

Simran 03:43
It came to the look, let's try and develop the best version of vitamins that we can. So we are constantly striving to put together things with the right kind of vitamin, with the right amount. It is difficult because of the taste and so on. You know, sometimes when you have a high dose of vitamin, it may not taste that great. But somehow we managed to kind of do it. So I think the whole challenge is that it's a gummy. It's without sugar. It's without gelatin, and it has vitamins in it. So there you go with taste. But we managed to kind of get this right somehow, which is fine. We're quite happy with the way things are. And I think we're also known well for our taste.

Heather 04:24
Well and certainly you mentioned some of these product development challenges, things like taste as well as nutrient payload or the bio availability selecting that right nutrient form. How did your team confront that?

Simran 04:38
We had to contract manufacturers bush there quite a bit to try a little bit harder, see how to put it together because we don't have anything in a way holding the gummy together, material wise. So it has to be dealt with in processes. But I think, you know, the team has been able to deal very well with improving what it is that we have in our vitamins. For example, we recently launched our turmeric gummies. When we first started with the manufacturer, the only thing available anywhere in the world was a 75 microgram to America. Whereas we were able to bring it up to 400 micrograms per gummy. And that also with, you know, 95% live curcumin, not just turmeric powder. We were able to do it, but I think you just have to keep at it.

Heather 05:22
Well, you're getting innovative and meeting the market needs.

Simran 05:26
Yes, I think so. I hope so. I think that people are now conscious about things like sugar, and certainly about nutrition and immunity and things like that.

Heather 05:34
Take us through some of the different products and you have this whole number of products rather than just individual skews being released.

Simran 05:42
Some vitamins are best, if taken in combination with another, you know, with the way they make each one gets the other one absorbed better. For example, vitamin D and calcium, we are now upgrading that to vitamin D, K2 and calcium because it helps with the absorbency, and bioavailability of the whole product. So we are constantly on it and keep trying to make it better, the next one be better than the last one, you know, until we can keep doing this.

Heather 06:10
That's exciting to hear that your team is doing that kind of innovation so soon after an initial product launch and really relying on the science to drive innovation.

Simran 06:20
That team are a hardworking bunch, and we know how to push the manufacturers as well.

Heather 06:24
So how many product skews do you currently offer?

Simran 06:27
We currently have six skews. We wanted to launch with a robust product line. There isn't a requirement for just one vitamin, or one nutrient, we need quite a lot of stuff to keep everything at its best. And therefore if we wanted to launch with everything because we know certainly things like vitamin D and C and a good multivitamin with zinc and so on is essential during the pandemic because that is, I'm sure most people will know by now, those three vitamins specifically help you fight the virus. Having a good immunity at this point, it's never been more important than now.

Heather 07:01
Foundational nutrition of course. So how about your plans for expansion? You know, we've already got this additional turmeric product. So other product offerings and maybe geographic offerings?

Simran 07:13

Geographically we have also launched in Germany and in India, and with other locations, so we are spreading ourselves and we're always in development mode. For example, we are trying now to do a sugar free ashwagandha, which is, quite difficult to do; or a sugar free apple cider vinegar because a lot of these contain their own sugar. So the processes need to be really handled very carefully. So fibre and Omega 3, do an Omega 3 that's vegan, so without any fish oil.

Heather 07:42
A vegan Omega 3 gummy that tastes great. That's innovation.

Simran 07:47
I hope so. It should be good when it's out.

Heather 07:50
So any takeaway lessons that you might share with other entrepreneurs or product formulators across the broader nutraceutical market?

Simran 07:59
If you believe that something is required, you ought to be pushing your manufacturers, don't take no for an answer because I know, now with experience, that these things usually are possible. Provided you continue to push and make sure that you get exactly what you're looking for, don't settle for something. Wait till you get the best one, but push till it turns out just right.

Heather 08:18
And that's excellent. I'm sure you have some strong partnerships with your manufacturing partners and the suppliers that you're working with to really meet those high standards.

Simran 08:27
Yes, I think we have a good working relationship. We are at a space where they now realise that we're unlikely to settle for anything. We're not going to just say we'll wait till it comes out right. Even if it takes a little longer, it's best to get the product right otherwise you're just sitting on a bit of a dot product. It's best to have a proper nutraceutical with best form of nutrition and as good for you as it's possible. It can't be good for you to have vitamins and then couple it with lots and lots of sugar because like I said, you can't eat just one vitamin, you need lots of them. So if you eat five or six or eight gummies that have sugar in them, may as well be eating another candy bar.

Heather 09:05
Oh, and that would be not a good decision. One final question I'd have then, you also talk about the packaging itself being widely recyclable. Can you talk about why that was important to you?

Simran 09:18
Certainly in today's world, everyone is very awarel, including ourselves. I think when we were growing up, etc, it didn't matter so much. But now I think one is aware of the oceans and clogging pollution, with everything. So when we got our vitamins bottle, we said, look, for every bottle that we produce, we ought to be making sure that an equal number is recycled immediately. In fact, we're even looking at changing from there on to a more sustainable packaging that it has even less of a problem and see what other good we can do. Because I think you can't just stay with benefiting yourself. You have to see what you can do with the space around you also.

Heather 09:55
I think so. Well, Simran, it's been just a pleasure to have you speaking with our Vitafoods Insights audience and we'll look forward to more innovation coming out from the Nutriburst line soon.

Simran 10:07
Thank you very much. Pleasure to see you.

Heather 10:10
Thank you. Thank you to our listeners and to you Simran, and we'll be back with you again soon.

Vitafoods Insights 10:16
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