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How Consumer Needs Are Fuelling Demand for Effective Joint Health Supplements

healthy ageing joints
More and more consumers today want to stay active and enjoy maximum mobility for as long as possible in life. For some, this active lifestyle means running marathons and going on strenuous mountain bike rides, using fitness trackers and smart devices to monitor their performance; others are less ambitious and simply want to enjoy walking the dog or feel comfortable going up and down the stairs.

By Dr. Sara De Pelsmaeker

Many people are affected by joint stiffness and discomfort

Whatever the level of intensity, any physical activity puts our bodies under pressure. Like aging, engaging in high-impact movement or sports, even for younger people, can result in stiffness, discomfort and locking in the knees, hips, fingers, shoulders and lower spine region. Moreover, many people are affected by osteoarthritis (OA). In Europe, OA is estimated to affect more than 40 million people.1

High demand for effective health supplements

More and more consumers are recognizing that our ability to move freely and efficiently, requires healthy joints which function smoothly and recover well after exercise. The combination of an aging population and a rising demand for preventative nutrition opens up exciting possibilities for effective joint health supplements. According to a publication in Complementary Therapies in Medicine,2 62.5 percent of arthritis sufferers in the US reported to take at least one dietary supplement over the past 30 days.

With numerous joint health supplements available on the market, active consumers are increasingly looking for supplements with specific characteristics:

• ingredients from natural sources;

• proven efficacy in relieving joint discomfort and improving joint function;

• proven efficacy in protecting cartilage and preventing future problems.

Cartilage provides the cushioning

Approximately 60 percent of our cartilage consists of a substance called collagen type II and 40 percent the other matrix elements. All together, they constitute a matrix that protects and supports our joints. More precisely, This matrix contains:

·         Collagen type II fibers: these are the main structural components of cartilage, providing structure, firmness and resistance to compression;

·         Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs): these are part of proteoglycans, the most important in cartilage being aggrecan. Chondroitin sulfate and hyaluronic acid are GAGs, building blocks of aggrecan. GAGs are essential components for maintaining a cushioned and lubricated environment allowing for easy joint movement.

Collagen type II – setting a new standard in joint health

Glucosamine and chondroitin are traditionally known by consumers as ingredients that support joint health. Today ‘new generation’ joint health ingredients such as collagen are rapidly gaining market share.3

Collagen type II originates from cartilage. In its purest form, collagen type II is very similar to a collagen type I molecule – the difference being that the triple helix of type II collagen is composed of 3 identical alpha-1 chains. Further, collagen type II is found in a natural matrix with Glycosaminoglycans (GAG’s): Chondroitin sulfate and Hyaluronic acid.

Peptan IIm, a single active ingredient that delivers benefits across 3 key joint health dimensions

Peptan IIm, a hydrolyzed cartilage matrix extracted from natural source has been recently introduced by Rousselot, specifically designed to promote healthy joints. Peptan IIm is a hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix containing hydrolyzed collagen type II in the form of bioactive peptides and glycosaminoglycans (GAGs). Its unique composition contains the same matrix ingredients as found in our cartilage. Peptan IIm is unique in a way that it simultaneously promotes multiple joint health benefits at a low dose:4

-          Protects the cartilage from degeneration

-          Promotes cartilage lubrication

-          Reduces inflammation of the synovial membrane

At Vitafoods Europe, I will be presenting the science behind Peptan IIm ‘s effects on joint health “Peptan IIm, hydrolyzed collagen type II matrix: Bringing joint health a step closer”, join my seminar at Life Stage Theatre on 17th May from 11.35 to 12.05.


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