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Rima Obeid

Rima Obeid has a Bachelor degree in Pharmacy. She completed a PhD in Clinical Biochemistry at Saarland University. After a research fellowship at Aarhus University in Denmark, she is currently working at the Central Laboratory of the Saarland University Hospital in Germany where she is also teaching and leading the research activities of the Department. Dr. Obeid has extensive experience in the field of human nutrition and metabolism. Her vision is to strengthen evidence-based-nutrition and translate nutrition into influential public health tool in order to improve health and prevent chronic and age-associated diseases. Prof. Obeid has published over 120 peer-reviewed articles and books. She is part of an international network working on the role of nutrients related to one-carbon metabolism in health and disease. Her current projects deal with possible interactions between probiotics and nutrition, nutrition during pregnancy and later child outcome, and modifiable determinants of maternal-to-child nutrients-transfer.

Rima’s Recent activity