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Gut health: Pathway to holistic health – Report

White-paper-Gut health: Pathway to holistic health – Report

Gut health: Pathway to holistic health – Report
Understand the market opportunities and the rising consumer interest in botanical solutions to support a healthy gut.

The perception of health and its importance in our lives has been undergoing a remarkable change over the last few years. Though the primary reason is emerging diseases and unhealthy ways of living, the pandemic accelerated the change in perception dramatically. With this paradigm shift, we are now progressing towards a more holistic view of health, focused on both physical and mental health. One of the areas that consumers have shown particular interest in is gut health. Most industry and health experts concur that gut health has the highest and most long-term impact on overall health of individuals.

Given this consumer trend, there has been a spurt in research and development in the sphere of gut health in recent years. This report focuses on the significance of botanicals in improving gut health and, by extension, the overall health of consumers.

Access the report to learn more about:

  • Market insights
  • Rising significance of gut health
  • Aurea’s Innovation for Good: Solutions for gut health
  • Actbiome: Triple-active formula to support gut health
  • Ginactiv: Recreating the natural ginger matrix with PNS® technology
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