Fuelling the Sports Nutrition Sector

Fuelling the Sports Nutrition Sector

Sports nutrition has come a long way from on-shelf products targeted only to bodybuilders and professional athletes; with today’s consumers seeking protein in more diverse products and increasing numbers of the casually active ‘weekend warriors’, growth in this sector shows no sign of slowing down. Consumers globally are more interested in healthy diets and exercise, expanding the consumer base and ensuring continued market potential.

Table of Contents

by Jade Sterling

Investigating Natural Alternatives to Caffeine in Sports Nutrition
by Prof Jose Calbet

Uncovering Potentially Harmful Stimulants in Dietary Supplements
by John Travis

Using Cannabinoids to Build a Strong Foundation of General Health and Well-being
by Phil Micans

Marketing an Active Nutrition Product to Consumers
by Clare Basely

Takeaways for Your Business

• The market is booming in Europe, with continued innovation in ingredients and finished products.

• Research shows 72 percent of consumers want industry-wide certification to ensure ingredient quality.

• Manufacturers and retailers making health and nutrition claims need to be aware of the legal requirements of marketing claims.

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